About Us

Mazidlekhaya Studio is a black owned photographic
studio, Conceived in 1975 and based in the hub of Durban city center. We have
attained the reputation of being the biggest black owned photographic studio in
Durban but also a studio that provides employment opportunities to our
previously disadvantaged individuals.


Our Vision is to provide a service of highest
quality, reliability, while showing loyalty and respect to every client we
serve. We will exhaust every avenue to also improve our delivery of service
every year to keep up with needs and demand of our community of clients.


memories is our business.


To maintain and to grow our standards of
producing only the best service, driven:

  • Quality
  • Loyalty
  • Reliability
  • And Respect


The studio
offers video and photographs services ranging from graduation ceremonies,
school photographs, ID cards, portraits, photo frames, digital photo print, slide
processing, video production, plasma/LCD screens, stage, sound system, wedding
parties and any function, which need a photographic or video service.

In all our
customers, we have disseminated our work without any complaints around Kwa-Zulu
Natal and the rest of South Africa.

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