Schools photos

A child’s schooling career is a priceless cherished memory in life, we at Mazidlekhaya have created a package that is not only a memory for the child but something that is practical and educational for the child.


Our design bares in mind that a child wants more than just a photographic print, so we make the package attractive, colourful, educational, and resourceful.


We at Mazidlekhaya understand the serious and important responsibilities that school staff has of taking care of others children, educating and entertaining them in an appropriate manner. That is why, through years of experience, we have developed a working process that is effortless for the staff when arranging school photographs to be taken. We spare no expense for quality and have cultured a photographic package that is of highest quality and affordable for the parents.


We offer 2 packages with or without a Scrapbook


6×8″ Package
  • 6×8″ Portrait
  • 6×8″ Class Photo
  • 6×8″ Collage


8×10″ Package
  • 8×10″ Portrait
  • 8×10″ Class Photo
  • 8×10″ Collage




The Scrap Book (Birds Theme – A3 Size) Optional at an extra Cost

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